Moving into a newly constructed home has many advantages. You don’t have to deal with wear and tear from a previous owner, and you may have custom features. A new construction inspection is essential whether you are buying a newly constructed home or building a new home.  You’ll have a better understanding of the state of the building before moving in.

Some people think a home inspection on a brand new home is unnecessary because new construction is without flaws. However, there can be problems in newly built homes.

Builders and subcontractors might make mistakes in the build process. Having a new construction inspection performed by a third-party inspector will help you get an accurate assessment of the home and any possible problems. Below are 4 key reasons to have a home inspection on new construction.

No Home is Flawless, Including New Construction

Building a new home involves many different subcontractors and construction techniques. With so many variables at play, something might fall through the cracks.

The inspection will detail any potential issues before a new homeowner moves in. Most people are unlikely to detect roofing, electrical, or other issues without proper training. Although it is also advised to have an 11-month warranty inspection after moving in, it is best to also request a new construction inspection so any problems can be addressed early.

Fix Issues Before Moving In

You don’t want to deal with more construction and repairs after you have moved into your new home. Debris, dust, and noise from repairs are inconvenient to live with. When you have an inspection before closing, you can ask the builder to make repairs before you move in.

The Difference Between a New Construction Inspection and a Municipal Inspection

Municipal inspectors are employees of the county who are tasked to verify that the new building complies with the standard building codes. Third-party home inspectors work for the homebuyers and abide by Standards of Practice when inspecting your home. They provide a detailed inspection report of your property that covers systems and components from the roof to the foundation.

In contrast, municipal inspectors perform several quick inspections per day, back-to-back. A home inspector sets aside time to inspect your house thoroughly and will give you a complete report on the condition of the home.

Avoid Getting Stuck with Costly Repairs by Having a New Construction Inspection

If you decide to sell your home at some point, the buyer will probably order an inspection. The home inspection report may show issues from the original build that went unnoticed. Consequently, fixing such issues will be your responsibility because the 11-month home warranty will have expired by then. Avoid this scenario by having issues fixed before you move in.

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