You may think you’ve found your perfect house but without a buyer’s inspection, you won’t know about any hidden problems. Before proceeding with the purchase, arrange an independent home inspection. Order an inspection to make a smart investment by finding out if the property is worth the price you’re paying. ‏

‏If you’re putting an offer in on a new home, it’s a good idea to make the offer contingent on a home inspection. Sellers typically expect this so you won’t usually receive any pushback. Here are some of the main reasons to order a home inspection when buying a house.

Order an Inspection to Identify Faults‏

‏Your first chance to see a property in person only gives you a basic idea of the home’s condition. Sellers and their agents will improve the property to present it in a good light to potential buyers. However, it’s hard to gauge the actual condition of the home and detect every fault. A home inspection is a thorough, professional examination of the property and a report of the inspector’s findings. ‏‏

Buy with Confidence‏

‏Once you have the inspection report, you can make an informed decision about the home. The report will highlight any problem areas and it will detail the current state of the property. When considering such a large investment, it’s critical that you understand the home’s true condition.

‏Negotiate a Better Price When You Order an Inspection‏

‏If there are issues discovered, they will be detailed on the inspection report and you can use this to negotiate a better price for the house. Alternatively, you could make it a condition of the sale that certain repairs are made by the seller before closing. Without an inspection, you could end up unknowingly buying a house with a number of hidden issues such as termite infestation, plumbing problems, and unsafe wiring.

Walk Away from the Sale

‏If the report highlights significant issues or you’re unhappy with the number of repairs needed, you will be able to back out of the sale. If during the inspection foundation issues are discovered or you learn the home has structural problems, you can walk away and find a property better suited to you and your family.

Home inspections are an additional cost in an already expensive process but they’re well worth the money. Undetected issues could cost you thousands to repair later. The inspection gives you the opportunity to learn about the home and have any problems addressed.

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