What is an essential safety device in your home? While you might think about your alarm system or security camera, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are vital. Proper smoke detector placement is necessary to get the most out of these devices. Here’s what every homeowner needs to know about where to install these safety devices.

Are There Laws About Smoke Detector Placement?

Some states and municipalities have laws that govern how many smoke alarms there must be in single-family homes and multi-family properties. Make sure you follow all minimum requirements when you move into your house. Optimal smoke detector placement may require more units than the law outlines.

Proper Smoke Detector Placement

Install smoke detectors as close to the ceiling as possible or on the ceiling directly. The detector should be within 12 inches from the top of the ceiling. Since smoke rises, the alarm has the best chance of detecting it from above. Never paint over the alarm or place stickers or other decorations on it, as these can prevent it from functioning as intended.

Where Should You Install Smoke Detectors?

  • Install smoke detectors in every sleeping area, including bedrooms, living rooms, and any other parts of the home where someone might sleep.
  • Install smoke alarms in every hallway that connects to one or more bedrooms.
  • Place a fire alarm in the basement on the ceiling portion close to the bottom of the steps.
  • Put a detector in the stairway to your upper level.

Avoid placing smoke detectors close to a bathroom or in the kitchen. Photoelectric smoke detectors will sound when they detect smoke or steam.

Place detectors six feet or further from stoves, ovens, and bathroom doors. Ionization smoke detectors, which are more common, should be placed 10 feet or more from the kitchen and three feet or more from the bathroom.

How Do You Install a Smoke Detector?

When installing your smoke alarms, read the instructions carefully. While they are easy to install, manufacturers may have different directions for mounting the battery or hardware. Choose a draft-free spot on the ceiling or within one foot of the ceiling. Mount the bracket first, place the battery in the smoke detector, and connect it. Always test the alarm after you’ve installed the device.

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