Termites in the home are a nuisance and can cause significant structural damage. They live in colonies, making them challenging to eliminate. The best way to exterminate termites is by hiring a professional to treat the property. However, there are a few ways you can help control the issue. Here are four practical ways to eliminate termites in the home.

Eradicate Moisture Eliminate Termites in the Home

Excess moisture provides ideal living conditions for all kinds of pests, especially termites. To keep termites at bay, get rid of damp areas and moisture in and around the home. Purchase a dehumidifier to regulate moisture indoors. Verify the grading and drainage around the house direct rainwater away from the building. Proper ventilation and insulation are also a great way to eradicate moisture.

Eliminate Termites: Direct Sunlight

Termites prefer dark and humid spaces. Direct heat from the sun, even for a short period, can kill them. Sunlight exposure is an effective way to eliminate termites in your home. If you have furniture you suspect is infested, take it outdoors during the day. The sunlight will kill the termites. Leave the pieces outside for three to five days to ensure that the termites inside are dead.

Seal Openings

Termites can enter your home via tiny entry points like cracks or holes in the roof, floors, and walls. Carefully inspect your house and seal gaps that you notice. Carry out regular inspections to find gaps and cracks where termites can fit. Use silicone caulk to fill gaps around windows and doors and foam to seal utility openings. If termites have no way of entering your home, you won’t have to deal with an infestation in the future.

Remove Food Sources

Another great way to get rid of termites is by removing their food sources. They primarily consume cellulose, often found in mulch, paper, cardboard, and wood. If you have a garden, avoid using wood mulch near the foundation. Opt for materials like gravel or rubber mulch.

Remove any wood in your yard. Downed tree branches and firewood may become damp and create ideal termite conditions. Don’t use cardboard boxes for storage. Instead, purchase durable plastic totes to hold out-of-season clothing, holiday decorations, and craft supplies.

If termites have infested your home, the best way to completely eradicate them is by hiring a professional pest control company. They will thoroughly inspect the property and provide the safe and necessary treatment to eliminate termites.

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