A fireplace is more than just a cozy addition to your home; It’s also a supplemental heating system that requires regular maintenance and care. You need the right equipment to keep your fireplace in top shape (and avoid dangerous accidents). Here’s a quick guide to essential fireplace tools that will be useful when tending a fire.

Fireplace Tools and Accessories: Shovel and an Ash Bucket

You’ll need to deal with ashes regularly if you have a wood-burning fireplace. Invest in a small shovel and an ash bucket with a lid to make cleanup easy. Keeping the ashes contained will help you avoid making too much of a mess. Purchase an ash bucket made of metal; you don’t want hot ashes accidentally melting into a plastic trash bin.

Fire Screen

A metal fire screen is essential for any type of fireplace. It will help contain sparks and embers and protect your floor from ashes. A fire screen is mandatory if you have young children or pets, preventing them from getting too close to the flames. You can find a variety of fire screens at home goods stores. Measure your fireplace opening before you shop to know what size screen you need.

Tongs or a Poker are Essential Fireplace Tools

You’ll need a way to rearrange logs or stoke the fire; metal tongs or poker are excellent options. If you opt for tongs, choose a set long enough to reach the back of your fireplace. If you purchase a fireplace poker, make sure it has a curved end so you can easily maneuver the logs in the firebox.


Andirons are metal racks that sit parallel to one another in the firebox. The andirons support firewood in the fireplace. When starting a fire, you can place kindling beneath the wood, between the andirons. These racks help hold firewood and allow good airflow in the firebox.

Alternatively, purchase a use a cast-iron fireplace grate. The grate serves the same purpose, supporting logs off the bottom of the firebox.

Embers Rake

An embers rake looks like a small garden rake for moving firewood, hot coals, and ashes on the bottom of your fireplace. The rake helps you rearrange materials to ensure air can circulate adequately under the logs.

With the right tools, tending the flames is easy and safer. Before building a fire this season, ensure you have the right equipment for your fireplace. You and your family will enjoy cozy fires all winter long.

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