Are you thinking of putting your home on the market? Fall weather provides the perfect opportunity to work on your home’s exterior. Use these fall curb appeal tips to make the most of the season while maintaining your home’s value.

Clear Leaves to Improve Fall Curb Appeal

While leaves create a beautiful scene during fall, they can cause serious issues down the road if not removed. For instance, leaves can accumulate in your gutters and prevent them from draining water properly. This can allow water to leak into your home and damage your foundation.

To prevent this, clean the gutters regularly and ensure they are in good working condition. You can install a gutter guard to prevent leaves from piling up in your gutters.

Fallen leaves can also dissuade potential buyers who may focus on how much raking they’ll have to do if they buy the house. To make an excellent first impression when people visit your home, rake your yard at least once per week.

Try Not to Go Overboard with the Seasonal Decorations

Not everyone enjoys fall-themed decorations. So, tread lightly if you are going to decorate your place. Adding too many decorations can make your home appear cluttered and distract potential buyers from your property’s best features. A fall wreath is simple and seasonal and can help to complement your front porch.

Update Your Mailbox for Fall Curb Appeal

Your mailbox and house numbers will stand out in your fall-inspired yard décor. So, consider upgrading these features during the fall. You can start by replacing old and faded home numbers with new ones.

For more durability, choose numbers made of stainless steel or brass. You can also purchase a new mailbox or repaint the existing one to give it a fresh look. If possible, create a border around your mailbox and plant some seasonal flowers at the bottom.

Work on Your Home’s Exterior

With falling leaves, your home’s exterior becomes more exposed. To keep the outdoor space looking neat and attractive, clean the windows and doors and pressure wash the siding. If you spot an area where the paint is chipped or faded, apply a fresh coat of weather-resistant paint to make the place look and feel brand new. Also, repair any broken light fixtures to boost the overall impression of your outdoor space.

Highlight the Front Door

Now that there’s less color around the yard, it’s the perfect time to showcase your front door. Paint it a vibrant color to make your entrance pop. If your door doesn’t provide the best insulation, replace it with an Energy Star-qualified door that is attractive to visitors and buyers.

Keep your yard looking clean and well-groomed with these fall curb appeal ideas.

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